Limb Salvage Therapy


Bone cancer is rare. More commonly, bones are the site of tumors that arise out of the spread of other primary cancers—to be precise, from diseases that spread other organs. This type of cancer is more likely to occur in children and young adults. The treatment may include a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Specialized medical and nursing care also plays a pivotal role in relieving symptoms and side effects.

Among the array of treatment options, limb salvage is a proven surgical procedure that gives maximal preservation of the limb. It treats cancers of the bone and helps save the appearance of the limb. Furthermore, the treatment also provides constancy, weight-bearing capability, and ambulation.


Considering the fact that malignant bone and soft tissue tumors can spread cancer cells to the rest of the body, surgery is crucial to saving the limb. The surgery can give patients a chance to keep the limb by removing the tumor. It also preserves the growth plate while maintaining satisfactory function, resilience, and appearance of the limb.

Performed as an alternative to amputation, the procedure is done to remove a tumor in a limb (arm or leg). The surround effected areas around the tumor may also be removed, and an implant may be used in the replacement of the removed limb. The technique also replaces a diseased bone and rebuilds a functional limb utilizing metal implant, an allograft, or an allo-prosthetic composite.

Recovery takes about two weeks, but it takes a year for patients to learn to walk again. The patients may require to protect the fringe for six weeks from major forces if body healing is necessary following limb salvage.

In case of discomfort, swelling, soreness, or any other signs of infection at the surgical site, or in the case of a rise of body temperature, contact the doctor.


At Empire Foot & Ankle, we offer numerous different types of limb-sparing techniques in order to give patients an alternative to amputation.

We employ a multidisciplinary team approach combining cardiovascular medicine, integrative medicine, and exercise to provide each the optimal results to every patient. Depend on the severity, we also evaluate every patient’s medical history, original diagnosis and offer a second opinion or any further treatments.

Our treatments are proven to function well and involve minimal complications. In short, our treatments aim:

  • Complete elimination of sarcoma, a malignant tumor
  • Reconstruction of the defect thereby allowing maximum possible function
  • Prevention of oncological failure by adjuvant therapy

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