Bunion And Hammertoe Treatment


A bunion, also known as “hallux valgus”, is impairment of the tissue at the base of the big toe, which causes an often-painful swelling on the joint. The hallux valgus brings various changes in the bony framework of the long bone on the side of the big toe. These changes reshape the long bones in your foot that connect your ankle to your toes, causing the big toe to lean toward the second toe and worsening the lump, often resulting in hammertoes.

Dealing with a large bump poking out at the base of your big toe is not easy. It can cause severe pain and stiffness, making it difficult to wear even the roomiest shoes. Bunion and Hammertoe are more likely to occur in women compared to men. Also, people with flexible joints are often seen to deal with bunions.

Though bunions are contagious, your poor lifestyle or the way you wear shoes or walk may also be the reason behind the impairment. Consult to a podiatrist without any delay if you’re dealing with any symptoms. He will diagnose and treat conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg.


If you want to cure your painful bunion permanently, surgery is the only option. The right time of surgery is when your bunion is causing severe pain. Surgery can also be done because the bunion is causing other problems. The surgery aims to return the big toe to its correct position by taking the bump out.


Bunions and Hammertoe, without a doubt, cannot be cured without surgery. But, for many people, it may simply be a matter of wearing properly fitting shoes. And, fortunately, with some measures, you can ease the symptoms or slow down the progression of a bunion. All you have to do is change your routine, choose low-heeled foot-wear, maintain a healthy weight and protect the bunion with moleskin or gel-filled pad. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed in some cases.


We, under the roof of Empire Foot & Ankle, are on one goal which is to restore alignment and function and improve your standard of living. To give you comfort to wear any shoes you want, able to walk or even run, and heal your pain, we strive hard and ensure that we’re with you on the route of your recovery.

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