Tarzana Foot Center- with a new concept of a podiatrist in Encino, California

Tarzana Foot Center introduces state-of-the-art Podiatry in Encino, podiatric clinics, and podiatrists in Encino, closer to the general population. Abandoning the idea that podiatry is a minor branch of medicine. That is why Tarzana FootCenter brings podiatrists to Encino close to you- inviting you to meet us and know what we can do for you

Podiatry in Encino is a health discipline with continuous advancement.

Podiatry is a specialty that aims to study diseases and disorders that affect the foot. Our Podiatrist in Encino covers the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and deformities of the feet through therapeutic techniques.

Why Tarzana Foot Center’s podiatrist in Encino look after your feet

The main problems that foot doctors in Encino face are those derived from the change in social habits, such as the increase in pathologies due to the aging of our society. The changes and the need for a foot doctor in Encino are due to certain diseases, risks related to lifestyles, accidents at work, traffic, and the increase in chronic situations in systemic pathologies such as diabetes.

There are different areas of action within the discipline of Podiatry in Encino:

  • Sports and work podiatry.
  • Geriatric podiatry.
  • Orthopodology.
  • Biomechanics of the foot.
  • Chiropodology.
  • Podiatric surgery.
  • Risk foot.
  • Pediatric and rheumatic podiatry

We maintain the highest quality procedures.

Tarzana Foot Center has a modern image and is equipped with the most advanced technology and medical equipment to offer individualized treatments and foot health and aesthetics advice. We have a trained team under experienced podiatrists in Encino.

A well-established clientele

At Tarzana Foot Center, we specialize in providing care, diagnosis, and treatment to various diseases or deformities of the feet, helping to improve the quality of life of our patients.

Consult your podiatrist in Encino, California

Our podiatrist will attend to you and advise you and your companion about your ailment with complete confidentiality in the first contact.

The new situation forces us to look for ways to stay connected and providing podiatric care to our patients. With an online consultation we avoid unnecessary travel and the collapse of emergency services in hospitals and outpatient care.